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Helle Nebelong es una arquitecto paisajista danesa. Ha trabajado desde 1994 para la ciudad de Copenhague, abarcando el desarrollo de proyectos, la formulación de políticas y consultas públicas en relación con los parques, el urbanismo y la planificación. El estudio de Helle se dedica desde 1990 al diseño de espacios verdes, especializándose en espacios de juego o niños discapacitados.

Ver más en Freeplaynetwork: Nebelong. Merece la pena leer el texto del discurso de Helle ante los socios de Freeplaynetwork:

When we renovate public playgrounds and ask the local residents what they want for their play area the answer today is equipment from nature. I think this is a reaction to decades of use of standardised and unimaginative playground equipment. When using materials from nature, themes are introduced, but it is the children, with their own imagination, who give colour to their play and bring things to life.

It is not just a trend. Studies shows us again and again, what we have thought for a long time, that children are healthier when they go outside and play in natural surroundings. It sharpens their concentration, it is a necessary development in the maturing process in preparation for school, where they must be able to sit still and listen and learn. Their muscular development is strengthened and the children are ill less often and more socially developed.

The public playgrounds are used a lot and the need is enormous. This is shown by the wear and tear, which is so massive that any one playground can only function for between 5 and 10 years, before it needs to be renovated. On the positive side, this gives the possibility to try out new ideas and ensure that the playgrounds do not become static and uniform. But the quality of the playgrounds can only be assured with political backing.

The pre-fabricated playground tries to live 100% up to safety standards. These standards developed, based on horror stories of real, tragic accidents. Although these are guidelines and as such are useful, when combined with common sense, they have, in my opinion, been allowed to go too far. The child’s real need for play and development is set aside with good intentions.

Lo que ya sospechábamos en Active Urbes: que después de haber llegado hasta los parques infantiles estandarizados, esta gente está de vuelta hacia los parques infantiles «naturales» (menos seguros en apariencia…).

Helle Nebelong

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