Los parques de bolsillo de Copenhagen


Vía Sustainable Cities: Copenhagen – Pocket parks, a drop of urban green

Copenhagen has a vision of becoming the capital city in the world with the best urban environment by 2015. The enhancement of urban green is one of the tools for reaching this vision. Within the next 7 years, the municipality will establish 14 pocket parks throughout the city and plant 3,000 trees to create green streets and connections. The goal is that 90 % of all Copenhageners by 2015 can walk to a park, a beach or a harbour bath in less than 15 minutes.

A pocket park is a small park accessible to the general public. It is only a few house lots in size and typically created on vacant building lots or small irregular pieces of land. Functions include spaces for relaxation, meeting friends, taking lunch breaks, reading a book, play areas for children etc. Often pocket parks are placed around a monument, a historic mark or in relation to an art project.

The City of Copenhagen highlights 5 elements key to the creation of pocket parks in Copenhagen:

  • Size
  • A visible green element
  • Openness and a positive image
  • Demarcation and protection
  • Identity and local community

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