Proyecto MOVE ( European Physical Activity Promotion Forum)

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Flyer del proyecto MOVE (pdf)

The MOVE project is founded on the premise that everybody is entitled to enjoy the many benefits of physical activity regardless of who they are and where they live. With MOVE, ISCA, eight associated
partners and fifteen collaborating partners will join forces to take up the challenge of promoting physical activity among socially disadvantaged groups. Taking up a challenge of this magnitude  
broad partnership behind the project as well as in the various methodologies used in the project.
The MOVE project aims to collect and qualify good practices that promote heathenhancing physical activity among socially disadvantaged groups. In this effort, MOVE will focus on experiences that have been successful in targeting the following groups living in disadvantaged urban or rural areas with socioeconomic challenges:Š

  1. youth
  2. ethnic minorities and immigrants
  3. girls and women
  4. seniors

wemoveyou – MOVE project.

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